🖥💘 Cute home office energy

WFH and SIP means decorating a productive & magical space

Wow, I’m ecstatic from the response to this lil newsletter! I was expecting maybe… 10 subscribers… so I’m happy you’re all here to feel joy and whimsy with me. 🥰

To kick off Magical Girl Lifestyle, I thought I’d share progress on my home office, where I (and I’m sure many of you) have been spending the workday at since shelter-in-place. As someone who draws energy and creativity from my environment, it was crucial to curate this space as soon as possible.

Here’s my little office corner! 🌸 I initially had my desk underneath the wall-mounted planters, but the east-facing window kept calling for me. Now, I get lovely sun and my co-workers can see my plant corner behind me (which you’ll see if you keep scrolling!). I’m hoping to get a storage unit to fit in the corner and extend the desk a bit~

Decor deets part 1:

  • Custom Color Cord pendant light — This is one of my favorite office additions! The durable mint chord is just gorgeous, and the plug-in style means it can be set up anywhere in the future, too. They sold out of the glass shade I wanted though, so it’s just an aesthetic bulb at the moment 😅

  • Wallygro wall-mounted and hanging planters — Really great systems for a chronic overwaterer like myself. 💦 My Calathea Makoyana and Marble Queen Pothos are on the left, and Neon Pothos is hanging out on the right.

  • Jarvis kid’s desk lol — Yeah, I bought a kid’s size standing desk because it was the best ergonomically for my 5’0” self 😤

Closeup of the desk corner. I seriously feel refreshed every time I sit here, surrounded by personal photos, art, and little gifts from friends.

Decor deets part 2:

  • IKEA SKÅDIS pegboard — I looove this cute and functional pegboard! I store my stationary, plant tools, and best Ditto Jigglypuff. Thinking of getting another to display keebs 😂

  • Pink wall grids — I’ve found that I prefer grids to display Instax photos, purikura, and acrylic keychain bbs. Getting to see this spread of joy behind my monitor is so delightful 💞 This set came with fairy lights and mini wooden clips!!!

  • Monitor stand — I spent SO. LONG. finding the right stand that contrasted nicely with my bamboo desk, and didn’t cost as much as the Grovemade one lol. My keyboard and mouse fit nicely underneath, and there are two small but useful drawers that I store post-its and a Yubikey.

  • Ring light — No regrets here. I get to feel like a TikTok star and look good on Zoom 😝 Sometimes that’s all a quarantined girl can ask for.

My beloved plant, art, and shrine refuge behind my desk at the office entrance! 💚 As you can see, I’m a budding Calathea parent. Bringing a bit of nature into my space further recharges me and reminds me to take it slow 🌱

Wall plants are silver pathos (bottom) and spider plant (top). The Wallygro containers were a housewarming gift from my frond Maggie 🥰 And the Calatheas are: Rattlesnake (bottom), Cora (middle), Ornata (top left), and Dottie (top right).

I take moments to breathe and be mindful multiple times a day here. I also leave out offerings for who and what I want to connect with. Most recently, I’ve been leaving out small gifts for my grandmother’s 2nd death anniversary. 🖤 This is the most magical space of my entire home, and it’s literally growing everyday!

The framed art is a fitting piece by Evan M. Cohen. The one below is a gift from my friend Vivian and is by Natalie Andrewson. 💝🌊

My office space is still a work in progress, so I’ll be sure to post updates as I add or update the energy. 🌙💎 I’m also planning on writing a post on peripherals (keeb, headphones, etc)—as well as SO much more that I can’t wait to share with y’all! Seriously, I have a whole Notion table with newsletter ideas, haha.

P.S. I’m wondering if I should invest in a basic digital camera?! Let me know if you have recommendations for things that are above an iPhone, but below full-time vlogger. 😂

Thanks for reading my first ever newsletter here, and have a magical Monday! 💖✨